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Online Poker

One of the world's most popular and challenging games. Poker sites have quickly become an online gambling mainstay, with poker players of all levels flocking to them in droves. Why so much attention? Not only do these sites offer fun and challenging play, but many of them also host free and qualification tournaments with prizes that tip well into the millions. Unlike winning the lottery, where players rely on luck, these poker online tournaments offer skilled players a real shot at leaving the table with a wad of cash at little or no risk.

Of course these sites feature more than just tournaments, so players who are so inclined can pull up a chair at any number of tables. Betting limits vary, with some tables running as low as a quarter while others cost as much as a grand to get in. Game variation also depends greatly on the site, with the most prominent being the Hold 'em and Stud games. All games are played exactly like in a real casino, with players vying against one another for the pot while the house takes a small cut.

Due to the fact that you are playing against players from around the world, all players must play in the same currency. The most popular currency for wagering in poker is in US $.

Almost all poker online is played on multiplayer poker networks. It is an online poker network, that brings together players from all over the globe, in a multitude of card rooms, to play against each other at one of the many tables always open. Online Poker Networks guarantee an exciting game, for every player, at every level, in any game, at any time. There is no longer any reason to go anywhere else.

The networks bring together thousands of people playing Poker online simultaneously at dozens of card rooms, to create one, unified body of players.

There are many networks out there, some large and some small, but they almost always share the network with many online poker rooms. ie it is possible to play poker with another player from another poker room if they share the same network. Each poker network has it's own advantages.

Almost all networks will take transactions in US Dollars only, however South African's are fortunate in having their own dedicated Rand based network to play on as well. Check out 3 Piggs Poker for more

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